North Coast Services is fully
capable of managing all state

Review our policies to learn more about the regulations and guidelines our company follows to ensure health, safety, and proper recycling.

Regulatory Requirements

We can help with tracking, documentation and handling of electronic scrap and universal waste in the states where we hold current business registrations.

  • Multi-part universal waste bill of lading for all shipments, with distribution requirements similar to a hazardous waste manifest
  • Proper use of state “waste codes”
  • EPA identification number for each point of generation
New Hampshire
  • Bill of lading used for shipping purposes
  • All universal waste (including CRTs) must go to a recycler or “destination facility” that comply with universal waste rules
Vermont & New York
  • Similar to federal universal waste rule requirements
  • Both states have producer responsibility legislation allowing consumers and small businesses to recycle covered devices for free

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our employees is of the utmost importance to North Coast Services. Warehouse employees are required at all times to use personal protective equipment such as steel toe shoes, safety glasses and appropriate gloves. In addition, North Coast periodically evaluates the dismantling process to ensure that employees are not overly exposed to metals of concern.