North Coast Services offers
collection, consolidation, and
recycling services throughout
Northern New England.

Our focus is on the proper management of specialty waste, including electronics, universal waste lamps, batteries, Freon-bearing appliances, and other recyclable wastes.

Industry Excellence

Our management team brings 60 plus years of waste and recycling service experience to the business. Industry experience ranges from proper identification and management of RCRA hazardous waste, asset management of IT equipment through the collection and handling of universal waste lamps, and batteries collected from consumer sources.

Reducing Our Impact on the Environment

All of our sites follow a Stewardship Management System. Which is intended to meet the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 International Standard as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), e-Stewards Standard for Ethical and Responsible Reuse, Recycling and Disposition of Electronic Equipment and Information Technology v.4.0 and NAID AAA Certification. The purpose of the certification is to reduce North Coast Services’ impact on the environment, worker health and safety, data security, and social responsibility as a result of its operations and activities.

Services We Provide

Site services provided on behalf of our clients include:

  • Support with proper packing materials
  • Onsite collection, sorting and consolidation
  • Container labeling and shipping documentation
  • Small quantity milk-run services
  • Large platform lift gate for handling palletized materials
  • Physical Hard Drive and Solid-State Device Destruction through NAID AAA Certification® standards 

Once collected and transported to our facility, we provide the following services:

  • Material receipt and data tracking
  • Storage, consolidation and recycling services
  • Shipment summary and reporting
  • Hard drive data destruction services performed to industry standards using Garner PD5 Destroyer
  • Certificate of Recycling as appropriate to meet regulatory requirements
  • Certificate of Destruction services upon request

Universal Waste

North Coast Services operates in the State of New Hampshire as a Large Quantity Handler Destination Facility for the collection, consolidation and dismantling of universal waste. North Coast is required by state laws to appropriately track and manage universal waste and have procedures in place to protect the environment in the case of unintended breakage for materials that are in storage.

North Coast Services accepts the following types of universal waste:

  • Mercury containing lamps
  • Mercury containing devices
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Alkaline primary batteries
  • CRT televisions and monitors
  • Other electronics

Our facility consists of covered and secure warehouse space. Prior to acceptance, all materials must be containerized using industry standard packaging. Universal waste lamps are palletized to protect the materials while in storage. Mercury containing lamps and rechargeable batteries are repacked and consolidated for shipment to an approved recycler. Electronics are triaged for type and condition upon receipt. Data containing equipment is isolated and secured for electronic erasure services or physical destruction. Based on customer specification, reusable electronics are set aside for possible resale after thorough testing. All equipment that is determined to be “End of Life” is manually disassembled into commodity components for recycling.

Data Destruction

Data containing devices are of utmost concern to North Coast Services. Upon a customer’s initial set up, North Coast Services explains the various options for data device handling and destruction to ensure our customers are provided with an appropriate service.

Hazardous Waste

While North Coast Services does not recycle hazardous waste, it does use its connections in the industry to broker services. Included in this service is the gathering of multiple quotes to ensure that the customer gets the best price.

Commodity Revenue Share

North Coast Services offers an Asset Revenue Share program in which North Coast takes in material for resale and provides a Revenue Share back to the customer. The credit can be used against an invoice, if applicable, or a check can be issued at the customer’s request. North Coast does not back charge for items handled if we are unsuccessful at moving through a reuse program and the material must be managed as scrap. North Coast provides a purchase order to the customer for item(s) sold and will provide any back-up data for the sold item(s) as requested.

North Coast assumes responsibility from the time of pickup at the customer’s facility through the sale or “End of Life” of the product(s) and will provide a Certificate of Recycling once received or processed for End of Life.

We assume all responsibility to handle the material within appropriate State and Federal guidelines.