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North Coast Services, LLC is a provider of specialty waste handling and recycling services in New England.

Specialty waste includes but is not limited to electronics waste, televisions, monitors, universal waste lamps, batteries and latex paint products. Founded in April of 2011, our company brings an extensive knowledge of the waste and recycling industry, as well as industry connections that have fostered our initial growth. Our goal is to provide our customer base with convenient, cost effective and customer friendly service experiences.

Our model includes the bundling of services that usually require multiple vendors or have traditionally been managed through a hazardous waste hauler at significantly higher rates. North Coast Services utilizes its extensive waste experience to help customers manage these specialty wastes at a significant reduction in cost. Our customer base includes municipal transfer stations, schools and higher education, health care, environmental service companies, light industrial and many other commercial entities.

The North Coast Services sales and marketing strategy is based on a sales and support model unique to our industry. Our sales people directly service the accounts they sell. We believe this model ensures the highest level of customer service and maximizes our understanding of customer’s waste generation cycle and service needs.

From our base of operations in Portsmouth, NH, North Coast Services is uniquely positioned to provide cost-effective drop off, collection and materials management services throughout the Northeast, including Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont. We are provide collection and consolidation services through our 3 consolidation points, in Portsmouth, NH, Bangor and Scarborough, ME.

Leadership & Experience

The business partners of North Coast Services each bring extensive industry background to the growth and development of the company.

Billy Andrews is a lifetime resident of Maine. His work experience includes retail management in distribution and logistics. During the past 15 years, he has been instrumental in developing and managing business procedures that have driven the growth and development of two other recycling companies. Billy provides direct oversight of the software systems used by North Coast Services to properly track and report the materials collected through our customer network. He is also responsible for business development and growth of our northern Maine operations.

Tom Fatcheric, a resident of New Hampshire, brings 20 plus years of waste management and service industry experience to the company. His experience includes 12 plus years managing hazardous waste and six years managing environmental programs at the municipal level. Prior to starting North Coast Services with Billy and Sean, Tom was responsible for business development at another electronics recycling company. He brings his sales and marketing experience to North Coast Services for the development of business in Southern Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts.

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